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Packing Tips

Useful Tips:

Select the right boxes for the right job. For heavy items like books, wine, and tinned food use small boxes.

Tip the boxes upside down to gain ready access to flaps on bottom of the box. Fold opposite flaps of box. DO NOT interlock flaps this could cause the box to spill its entire contents on the floor.

Tape bottom of boxes securely. We recommend double thickness of packing tape.

Line bottom of boxes with padding – scrunched up paper, towels and linen can be used.

Wrap all china and glassware pieces separately – then stack the boxes on their ends or edges. Don’t forget to clearly mark then with This Way Up and as Fragile.

After each layer of china or glassware place another layer of padding – ensure there is also sufficient padding on the sides of the boxes and finally on the top.

Glassware and china boxes rule of thumb is for every one box should have two thirds china or glassware and one third padding.

For ease of carriage, pack a mixture of light and heavy items in large boxes. Pack boxes right to the top or fill right to the top with padding, this minimises breakage from movement caused by loose packing. BUT never overfill a box.

Fold the top flaps of the box in the same manner as the bottom flaps and double tape securely.

Label each box with Name, Room and brief description of the goods, to enable easy identification and placement upon delivery.