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Removals to Poland

Removals to PolandFor many years, Compass Moving Services have been providing excellent door to door removals to Poland from UK, transporting goods using one of our dedicated removal services.

Compass Moving Services specialise in removals to and from Poland. If you’re looking for professional removals to Poland services, we are the company to use! We provide a door to door removals to Poland service, with all actions undertaken by our very own air ride vehicles. With over 25 years’ experience in European removals industry, we offer a weekly full or part load (Groupage service) to Poland.

We provide a removals and relocation services to popular destinations within Poland, including Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk. Our removal service to Poland guarantees minimum fuss and is designed to give you peace of mind so that you have the time to focus on your new life in Poland.

We are one of the most popular removal companies to Poland, and we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone concerned. Through extensive experience, we know exactly how to ensure that your move to Poland will be as easy as possible. From a single item, to the full contents of a 5-bedroom house, we are here to help you through the entire process – step by step, door to door.

Living In Poland

Poland is a popular expat destination, and after joining the EU in 2004, the country experienced waves of emigration as thousands left the economically struggling country searching for better employment opportunities.

Poland nowadays is doing well in terms of economic development and is starting to overcome its communist past. Poland offers an exciting expat life, with its unique central European culture, stunning historic towns and landscapes, and low living costs. Poland’s capital, Warsaw, is the country’s business centre with a cosmopolitan city, with hundreds of cafes and tourist attractions within a mixture of architectural styles from gothic cathedrals to modern sky scrapers.

Poland is in central Europe, bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. Poland was under communist rule until 1989, but thankfully its economy is now constantly improving, and the country now ranks on the Human Development Index, boasting a high standard of living.

So, whether you want to move to Poland from the UK because of the stunning historic towns like Gdansk, Krakow or Wroclaw, for the modern cosmopolitan life on a smaller budget or experience beautiful sceneries that range from mountains to deserts, Poland is an attractive expat destination for singles, couples and families.

Interesting Facts About Poland

  • Forests cover almost one third of Poland and over 50% of that land is dedicated to farming.
  • One third of modern Poland used to be ethically, culturally and linguistically German.
  • Poland has 17 Nobel Prize winners, including prizes in literature and Peace Prizes.
  • Poland ranks highly for child well-being on a list compiled by UNICEF in 2007.
  • Poland has the eighth largest population in European and the sixth-largest population in the European Union.

Moving to And Living in Poland

Poland is a member of the EU, so you won’t need any special permits to enter Poland from within the EU. Any stays beyond three months however will require the obtainment of a residence permit.

If you are moving to Poland from the UK with your children, you will have to consider the education opportunities available. There are a number of international schools in Poland, but if you are planning in staying in Poland permanently, you should consider learning the language and enrolling your child into a Polish school.

Living and housing costs are significantly lower in Poland than in the UK, though a lot will depend on your lifestyle and where you are relocating to in Poland.

Enquire About Relocating to Poland Today

We offer the most competitive prices for Poland removals services, but we recognise it’s not all about the price; it’s about peace of mind and simplicity too. So, when you use our Poland removal services to move your treasured possessions, we can guarantee we will take as much care with them as if they were our own.

Compass Moving Services offer competitive quotes to and from Poland, so please enquire today to find out more.