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Removal Costs to France

Trying to select a reliable, efficient and friendly removal service largely depends upon how your budget and your requirements, because there is no fixed price for a removal. Therefore, you need to consider whether there is any significant difference in a service offered by cheaper companies and the more expensive ones. It is most likely you are not looking for an elaborate removal service which offers dismantling, cleaning and pet transfer services. For those who are searching for removal services, that simply assist you in moving your possessions to your desired location, then the options are limitless. However, there are certain costs that you still need to keep in mind before selecting a removal service.

No doubt, that plenty of research on the different kinds of removal services will assist you in selecting the appropriate removal service, however, the price factor plays an equally important role in determining what is best for you. Approaching different removal services and obtaining a quote will offer insight into the number of factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the quote. Factors, such as load size, the traveling distance and the number of men required for the job.

1) The Move Size
One of the main factors of the removal cost is the move size; the volume in cubic meters or cubic feet. If you only have a small amount to move to France then the part load service is a perfect and cost-effective solution, as you share the load space. If you have a large volume, the direct service is the better option. We operate vehicles up to 110m3 so we can cover moves of any size.

2) Packing
Packing Is another cost to think about and there are different options for packing depending on your budget. P.B.O is where you pack all your items yourself. Full Pack Service is where we box all your items and wrap your furniture in transit blankets on the vehicle. Export Pack Service is the same as full pack service, but all the furniture is export wrapped in export blankets. Fragile Packing Only is where we only pack all your fragile and breakable items and you pack the rest yourself. You also need to consider whether we need to dismantle any items and resemble them at the destination.

3) Access
Access is another key point when costs are taken into account. We consider the type of property, ie, house. If an apartment, how many floors are there, is there a lift in the building? Do we need to supply an outside elevator? Do we require parking permits? Is there adequate access so that we can park our vehicles by your property? If the answer is no, then we will need to arrange shuttle vehicles; a small vehicle what we will load all the items from the truck and deliver to the property.

4) Distance
A crucial factor in establishing a removal quote is calculating the distance you are move from and the most efficient route to take.

5) Number of Men Required
It is very important that you inform your removal company about everything related to your move. This includes how many items need to be transported, such as pianos and snooker tables, as well as any fragile or unusually shaped objects. These items may need three men to safely move them. Inform the removal company if you are moving to a flat or a house and the number of flights of stairs.
All these factors will provide your removal company with a detail list of your removal requirements, enabling them to generate an accurate removal quote and ultimately provide you with an efficient removal service.

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