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For several foreigners who move to France, they conjure up images of scrumptious cuisine and wine. However, that is only half the truth why foreigners dream of moving to France in the hopes of improving quality of life. About one-third of all foreigners end up in Paris, which is the nation’s capital and possesses a bustling metropolitan area, home to 12 million people. Several major companies’ head offices are situated in Paris making it the key hub of commerce and politics. However, apart from Paris, there are several other places that foreigners can consider while planning their move to France. These places boast not only rich cultural and delicious food palettes but also a dynamic business community that is on the look for young, qualified professionals.

Currently, the most popular city to build a career in is Bordeaux according to a recent poll. The city is situated in the South West of France and home to Unesco site The Port of the Moon. About 39% of locals suggested that it was the best place to work and around 37% imagined themselves working in Bordeaux. The city seems to be in lead against other Southwestern cities such as Toulouse and Montpellier. All three cities have one thing in common which is comfort and convenience that are viewed as main assets for workers there. More and more foreigners are exploring other cities in France for prospective jobs as well as considering other factors such as weather, accessibility and education.

However, foreigners should keep in mind that a desirable place to work isn’t necessarily the best place to find work. Plus there are several cities that haven’t attracted the attention of media but remain to be strong economic centres that facilitate entrepreneurs and large companies like Haribo. Lyon is another popular destination for several foreigners who flock to France in the hope of finding better job opportunities and improved quality of life. Lyon is not only known for its culinary entitlement but also is a host to several international companies, export-oriented manufacturing plants and research enterprises. Lyon has surpassed Marseille for being the leading national port and is considered a great venue for aspiring job seekers.

If you have a background in banking and finance then you need to consider the city of Strasbourg. Its rich mixture of French and German cultures will give you a sense of the strong alliance and cooperation between the two countries. Apart from banking and finance, the city also promotes other industries such as wine growing, automobiles, shipping, pharmaceuticals and tourism, which offer a wide range of prospective jobs for foreigners. The city is home to about 300,000 inhabitants and you might never know, Strasbourg might be your next destination.
When selecting the right place to work in France it is important that you should consider other factors especially if you have a family that is most likely to move with you. Apart from the strong commerce and trade background a city has, it is equally important to consider other aspects such as education facilities, healthcare centers, parks, beaches and other places that can serve as entertainment for your family.