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May is one of the best months to sell your property and over the last few years ways to sell has changed drastically.

Rated High Street Estate Agent

Traditional High street estate agents are the most expensive option to sell your property.  They tend to work on a commission basis and can charge anything from 1-3% of the sold price.  It is important to choose an agent with an excellent reputation for selling properties.

Website only Sale

In return for a flat fee of approx £1,000 (more in London) you receive internet coverage on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as a house valuation and guidance through the sale process.  The price is obviously considerably less than using a traditional estate agent and some sites, eg, Yopa allow you to pay your bill upto 6 months after you instruct them to sell your property.

Plus side of using this option is that potential buyers have 24hours access to your property details and they can be amended at any time, not just during office hours.  The downside is that you most probably will need to conduct your own viewings.

A Quick Sale Company

These companies are useful if you need to move promptly or perhaps have a house that may not be mortgageable and most sales can be completed within 4-6 weeks. Realistic you will only be offered approximately 80% of the house’s market value.

It is important that you thoroughly check out the company that you intend to use before entering any kind of agreement with them.  Details to check include an office address, full name of the limited company, directors’ details and affiliation to any professional bodies.  Look for any reviews and ask for written confirmation that the sale is with a genuine cash buying company and that they are not dependant on a mortgage.

Sell it Yourself

This option is the cheapest and leading advertising company Houseweb has packages from £195 to £395 depending on the service you choose.  A seller may also list their property on Rightmove and Zoopla if they wish at an additional cost.

However, if you choose this option there is limited back up if things go wrong, eg, negotiating the price or conveyancing.

Use Social Media

Regardless of whether you decide to use a traditional High Street estate agent or using a house selling site it is incredibly important that you share sales details on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.