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After you’ve sorted out Dartford removals services to help you move house, you need to make sure that you’ve budgeted for everything and considered all aspects of relocating that you may have to pay for.

According to new research from MoneySuperMarket, 39 per cent of people who recently moved home paid out on average an additional £5,000 on top of what they thought they’d spend, so you clearly do need to give the matter some thought.

The hidden costs of moving home if you’re buying a new property include stamp duty, surveying fees, valuations, legal costs, the mortgage lender’s fee, extra fittings and fixtures you may want to include and insurance.

It’s essential that you have a good look around a prospective new property before you exchange contracts so there are no new nasty surprises, so don’t be afraid to really go through the house with a fine toothcomb. Unexpected repairs can be costly and you don’t want to be caught out.

“Moving house doesn’t have to be a completely arduous process. Being as prepared as possible will help ease the angst. It’s important to consider all costs involved so you aren’t hit with an unexpected bill at any point,” consumer expert with MoneySuperMarket Dan Plant said.

He advised people to come up with a timeline and checklist to help with the relocation and house-buying process to help relieve any pressure on your health, job or relationship. The study found that 55 per cent thought moving out was more stressful than anticipated, so it makes sense to be as prepared as possible.