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Moving house is not an easy or cheap thing to do by any means, but by investing the right places and making savings in others, you’ll find it’s more than affordable. First thing’s first – for your time and your sanity, spending on the best removals Bromley has to offer is very much recommended.

According to research from April this year, the average cost of moving house has leapt up by almost 59 per cent in the last ten years. Movers will have to fork out another £11,894 on average to cover moving costs according to research from the Post Office, reported by the Telegraph. So where’s the best place to start saving?

To encourage movement in the property market, some mortgage lenders are also offering deals that incorporate stamp duty – a fee that on average makes up £3,620 of the cost of moving. However, in the long run, you may have to pay interest on this fee, so it’s up to you to weigh up the upfront cost against potentially paying back more over time.

With estate agent fees being the biggest chunk of the cost for moving home, averaging charges of £5,214, it’s certainly worth your while in shopping around for the best deal. Even small variations could translate into big savings.

Or for a more practical idea to help bring fees down – why not use the moving experience as a good way to declutter your home? Selling furniture and possessions you no longer need can raise some key capital that’ll ease the upfront costs of bills to move house.