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It’s vital that you don’t rush into moving house so you know that you’ll like the area and that there are no problems with the property before you relocate from one end of the country to the other. However, it would seem that many out there are failing to do this, with new research revealing that 20 per cent of people like their home less now than when they first moved into it.

Conducted by the AA, the study found that 26 per cent said they only lived in their current house because it was affordable, with 25 per cent saying the house is too small and 21 per cent admitting that there was too much upkeep.

“It must be quite disheartening to find that your home is not all you hoped it would be. Some issues – such as property maintenance and anti-social neighbours – may only become apparent over time and may not have been a cause for concern when the householder chose the property,” head of AA Home Membership Helen Brooker remarked.

Make sure that you go to see your new home more than once and spend some time walking around the local area as well. If possible, chat to the neighbours to see how they like living there and to see if you strike up some kind of rapport with them.

When you’re ready to relocate, call in Biggin Hill removal men to come and help so you don’t have to struggle – especially important if you’re moving somewhere far away.