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Here we take a look at some of the locations popular with people looking to leave behind the hustle, bustle, and need we say rain, of the UK and embark on a new life in a new country. Years ago people used to retire to countries like France, Italy and Spain for a better lifestyle, cheaper properties, midday siestas and the warmer climate. Now with easier movement within the EU the opportunities are plentiful.

Spain – For many years now Spain has been a popular location with expats looking for a more relaxed, slower pace of life. Generally the cost of living is lower and the property prices are cheaper. The health and education systems are fairly good and English schools have become more common since large numbers of British expats have made Spain their home.

France – Like Spain many people move to France for a more relaxed lifestyle – nothing gets done in a hurry and the more rural the location the longer it takes to get things done. That said France is a member of the G8 and is a very wealthy country. It is also very multi-cultural with a large number of people moving there from North Africa, UK and other European countries. Areas like the Dordogne and Provence are popular locations for people who are retired whereas places like Biarritz, Dijon and Bordeaux are more popular with relocating families.

Germany – a popular location with business minded people Germany has the strongest economy in the EU. The country offers a high quality of life and excellent infrastructure even if it doesn’t offer the climate of Spain and the south of France. Germany experiences lower working hours, lower levels of congestion and pollution and an extremely efficient culture.

Italy – Until recent years Italy was not a hugely popular choice amongst expats and it is only over the past few years that Italy has seen a large growth in the numbers relocating to this beautiful country steeped in history, arts and wonderful scenery. There are many wonderful reasons to choose this beautiful country with picturesque landscapes, historic cities, beautiful lakes and mountains, wonderful vineyards and cuisine. The list goes on…… you cannot consider a move to Italy without first having employment or the proof that you have the means to support yourself given that Italy does not boast the same economic climate as Germany and France. Still there are still many reasons to choose Italy as your new home.

Sweden – With a strong economic recovery since the 2008 financial crisis Sweden offers many job opportunities. Stockholm is the most popular place to live for expats and those seeking to live there will enjoy a high quality lifestyle. It has also been named Europe’s best city in terms of low pollution. Whilst work is plentiful and the quality of life is good the cost of living is high and the weather is not good.