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Questions To Ask Your Removal Company

Some people will be tempted to try and save money on their house move by trying to move themselves rather than hiring a removal company. They may choose to rally friends and family and hire a van. However this can be a false economy due to lack of experience, equipment and insurance. In fact once you add up the cost of hiring a van, taking time off work to pack, compensating your helpers and hiring packing equipment you may not be any better off financially – Contact Us for a reasonable removals cost.

Man and Van vs Removals Company

You may think that hiring a “man with a van” that you found in the local paper or on Facebook is a cheaper way to conduct your move but you will get what you pay for. Avoid the stress and hassle and look for an experienced, professional, well established removal company that will offer the complete service and in turn peace of mind.

Think about the practicalities for your removal company

It is important to make sure that your chosen company can do their job properly. Some of the things you should think about ahead of moving day –

  • Ensure that the removal lorry can park in the road without obstruction to other properties or without obstructing the flow of the road.
  • Make sure they have access to the front and back of the property (if applicable) so that they can move around more freely
  • Notify them of any particularly hefty/large items that may need careful consideration to move. Is the staircase straight? Do you need to use a lift? Is their lift access? Do you live in a first or second floor flat?

Book Early and Plan Ahead

Once you have chosen a removal company to help you with your move you must make sure you book them well in advance – most removal companies get booked up quickly so if you know the date you are moving make sure you book them in to avoid disappointment.

Some removal companies now offer the complete service from packing belongings to unpacking them the other end. What a weight of your mind that would be if you knew all you had to do was move you and the family on moving day.

If you do decide to pack yourself ensure you have the right materials for the job. Sturdy packing boxes which are big enough and strong enough to take the weight of the kitchen plates, utensils etc for example. You will also need strong packing tape, scissors, labels and marker pens to hand. It’s much easier to label everything so that you know where it belongs when you get to your new home than it is to play guess after a long tiring day! You should be able to get sturdy removal boxes from your removal firm.

With a little research you can find a good, reputable, experienced removal company that offer all of the services mentioned above. Moving house is stressful enough – let someone else take the stress away.