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Moving From the UK to Switzerland

It may surprise you to know that Switzerland has just become the most popular place in the world for British ex-pats to live with approximately 40,000+ Britons now living there.

Relocating to Switzerland for a new Job

Switzerland has many job opportunities and the working conditions can be better than other countries with lower taxes lending itself to a better lifestyle. Over 100,000 people moved to Switzerland last year drawn by the attraction of a good living standard, beautiful scenic landscapes and a good infrastructure and public transport. With an approximate average income of £28,000 per annum Switzerland is a wealthy country making it an expensive country to live in by comparison to the UK.

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Moving to Switzerland UK Removal Tips

For EU residents moving to Switzerland is relatively straightforward and as long as you register with the office of municipality when you arrive you will be issued with a work permit and residence. We would recommend finding your job and accommodation before you arrive. Taking employment with one of Switzerland’s major employers will make it easier to secure a work permit as they will generally arrange this for you. The next step is to sort out your insurance, health cover and bank account. Once this is done you can begin enjoying your new life in Switzerland

Employment opportunities

Working in Switzerland benefits from higher salaries and low unemployment and there is a shortage of qualified employees. The average working week is 42 hours compared with 37.5-40 hours in the UK but average holiday entitlement is 4-5 weeks depending on the employer.


There is a shortage of flats, apartments and housing in the major cities such as Zurich and Bern so it is important to begin your search as soon as possible. It is easier to find good housing outside of the cities so this should be a definite consideration when you are searching. Be prepared to commute. With good transportation commuting is made more viable.

How to become a Swiss Citizen

Finally once you obtain citizenship you can start your own business and you won’t need to re-apply for residence permits should you change jobs and you will be able to move freely around the country.

You can become a Swiss Citizen by either being born of two Swiss parents or by naturalization. You will need to have lived in Switzerland for at least twelve years, 3 of which need to be within 5 years prior to the request. Other criteria include being integrated into the Swiss community and becoming accustomed to the way of life and practices. You must comply with the legal system, not compromise internal or external security and finally you must be able to afford it. We recommend researching this further to explore the exact criteria