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Well, we all have heard about the beauty and culture of Greece! For many years now, Greece has been one of those places that people long to visit or live in. Greece, the vibrant country, is well known for its good climate throughout the year. Due to this, many people have started to move and live there. Keeping the beauty of this place in mind, who would want to miss the opportunity to move to a land that is packed with culture and good people!

Good culture and people are not the only good things expats are in for when moving to Greece. There are several other reasons why living in Greece is something every person must experience. We present to you some interesting facts that will make you want to pack your bags and move to Greece!

  • People living in Greece are quite friendly, welcoming and easy to get along with, something that is great for expats.
  • The cost of living in Greece is comparatively less than that in other European countries.
  • Food is an important part of the Greek culture. The Greek food is known for its good quality products, healthy Mediterranean-European dishes and not to mention their exquisite wines.
  • Many healthy and delicious food products such as virgin olive oil, spices, honey, wine, citrus fruits and cheese make Greek food delicious and unique. Many of these food items and products are used in Greek cooking and represent a strong element of their culture.
  • The Greeks are known to enjoy the many festivals that are celebrated in Greece as an integral part of their culture. Many of these festivals take place during summers. Summer is one of the best seasons to experience in Greece. The people of the country enjoy and participate in the summer festivals with much interest and zeal. These festivals and events also attract many visitors and expats are sure to enjoy them just as much as the locals.
  • When talking about Greece, how can we forget the amazing nightlife of this country? With many taverns and fine restaurants on the Greek islands, the people living there get the opportunity to experience the amazing nightlife and the lifestyle of the Greek people.
  • Most of the regions in Greece are mountainous and surrounded by sea. As the country is situated relatively close to Asia and Africa, therefore, the Greek culture is a mixture of both Eastern and European culture.
  • Greece is known for its beautiful architecture and fine locations. You might also be interested to know that most of the world’s marble is produced in Greece.

These were just a few informative facts that you might be interested to know if you are planning to move to Greece.  Pack your bags and move to Greece with a good international moving service. One of the trusted services is Compass Moving Service; you may hire them and enjoy a safe and hassle-free moving experience.