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Moving To FranceYou’ve made the decision and now it’s a reality you’re moving to France! Now you just need to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality, so here are some useful tips to help you avoid making mistakes when moving to France.

Moving to France Tips

Do Not Underestimate the Cost of Living.

A lot of people head to France with the profit from the sale of their house, but with no other source of income. It is therefore important to budget correctly so that you know how long that money will last, but beware it can run out much quicker than expected.

While there are many things cheaper than in the UK, property and wine spring to mind, there are other costs that are more expensive. So be sure to do your homework on the cost of living.

Fail To Learn the Language.

Depending on where you are moving to, not bothering to learn the language may become a hindrance. If you are moving to France to live in a city, then having poor French is not such a problem as many people will speak English, but in more rural areas the culture is different and they will not only speak French themselves, but they will also expect you to integrate by speaking French as well. If you do not it could be a lonely experience!

Signing Property Contracts Without Understanding the Content

If you are buying a property there are two contracts you will need to sell, the

Compromis de Vente (promise to sell) and the Acte de Vente (act of sale). Unfortunately often these are signed without fully understanding the contents. Make sure you fully comprehend ALL the contents so that issues such as rights of way do not become an issue further down the line.

I have highlighted just 3 aspects, there are of course many more. Just remember to do your homework before you move.

There is one other thing of course when moving to Franceā€¦

Make sure you hire the services of a professional France removals company. We’re not saying we’re the best, but we’re in the top one!