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So you’ve made the decision and decided to move to Spain! There are plenty of things you can do to ensure a smooth relocation.

Compass Moving Services are removals to Spain specialists and have been for over 25 years, while we will ensure a professional removals service to Spain, there are other tasks you can complete before the move to ease the stress.

Six weeks before your moving day sit down all the documents you will require and sort them according to importance. Obviously one of these will be your moving company, so check that they are fully aware of everything that will be going with you when moving to Spain.

Make sure you have ordered enough boxes and packing materials to organise your belongings.

It can be a good idea to begin packing early, those things that you don’t need until you are relocated, so that there is not a mad rush as the day approaches.

Be sure to label your boxes correctly so that you know where to find things on the day of your arrival.

On the day we will be there on time to get going, everything will be be carefully packed into our specialist vehicles securely so that you can prepare your personal belongings, that will accompany you on your move to Spain. All you have to do is keep in mind what awaits you, the warm air, sun and just maybe a glass or two of sangria!

Removals To Spain Specialists


Although it can seem daunting moving to a foreign country, if you are prepared and organised it should be no different than moving in the UK. Our Spain removals service will take care of the hard work on the day, so that you can concentrate on what you need to do.

So it’s simple really‚Ķ

If you are moving to Spain, call Compass Moving Services – the removals to Spain specialists!

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